Starting from March 2018, the Flemish network of Chambers of Commerce VOKA-Antwerp waasland started the ‘Middle East business club’; a series of six interactive sessions that expand till November 2019 with a clear focus on international business in the Middle East. MEYALUX has been invited as one of the expert partners to share its vision and insights on this dazzling part of the world.

Nowadays there are a lot of opportunities for Flemish companies in the Middle East; GCC countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates are looking to diversify their economies and to be less independent on  oil resources, they are considering innovative solutions. Energy, environment, healthcare and electronics are sectors with huge relevance to Arab investors. Also Western technology is recognized worldwide as top notch and reliable market, two conditions that are key to nurture business relations between Belgium and the Middle EAST.

Other countries in the Middle EAST like Egypt, Iraq, Libya and Syria are obviously more concentrated on economic rehabilitation and reconstruction of infrastructure, logistics, machinery and industrial capacity.

Yasmine Fawaz the managing director of MEYALUX has been invited by VOKA-Antwerp as a guest speaker to share with participating companies her views and  insights on doing business in the Middle East. Several subjects were discussed during this session; current geopolitical situation in the Middle East and its possible impact on businesses, country profiles, the importance of conducting a market research, what sources? what techniques? also what to consider when looking for a strategic partner in the new market and finally cultural tips and business etiquette’s ( Dos and Don’ts ).

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