1. The real value of IoT isn’t technology.

The real value of IoT isn’t technology itself but the way IoT enables creating new value proposals. IoT helps to synergise your whole company, move forward to new business models and integrate them in your current work to optimise the process.

  1. IoT is not something new.

IoT is not an innovation and is not something new. Data analysis and integration has been around for years in the professional world. Integration allows you to connect all the data streams together and integrate them into your business on a higher level.

  1. Start as early as possible.  

Nowadays there’s a huge presence of mobile data networks combined with low-cost devices that are highly capable of data integration and online connectivity. IoT gives you more options to be more accurate in future possibilities and market opportunities. So why not starting now?


Last week MEYALUX team participated in an IoT seminar organised by Codit at the Ghelamco Arena, the home of KAA Gent in Belgium.

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