Yasmine Fawaz the founder of MEYALUX was invited as a guest speaker to the opening event of Talentree – a recruitment start up that matches international talents living in Belgium with Belgian employers. This event took place in Havenlaan 2, Brussels, Belgium.

Belgium is a multicultural society and diversity is one of its hot topics. Diversity is one of MEYALUX corporate values and that was the reason behind our participation in the opening event, in MEYALUX we have respect for everyone, we deal with people from diverse backgrounds and of course we do not filter based on age, race, religion, nationality or sexual orientation. We saw this event as an opportunity to celebrate diversity.

It was agreed that when companies employ from diverse backgrounds and practice diversity and inclusion, they will enjoy the benefits of:

  • More creativity
  • Different approaches to solve problems
  • Reach out different segments and new markets

Together with Accenture, Torfs, BICS and Xpenditure we shared stories and practices to inspire Belgian employers and international talents living in Belgium.

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