During the next World Expo in Dubai in 2020, Belgium will show the world its technological progress to connect minds and create the future. The pavilion, a green ark spanning several levels, is a real jewel of architecture and engineering.

The public tender has just been awarded for the design, construction, scenography, maintenance and decommission. It was won by the BEMOB-2020 group. It includes the Belgian contractors BESIX and Vanhout, the design firms ASSAR ARCHITECTS and VINCENT CALLEBAUT ARCHITECTURES and the scenographers of Krafthaus. It will showcase the techniques, applications, products and materials, which are Belgian or of Belgian origin on both the interior and the exterior of the pavilion.

This building/garden will not just be green on the outside. The preservation of the environment is at the heart of its design and of Belgium concerns, with natural light and ventilation, renewable energies and the smart use of water.

Source: BelExpo

Belgian PavilionBelgian Pavilion